Cubs & White Sox games will have video game crowd noise

Taking a cue from European club soccer league, Major League Baseball is going to spruce up their upcoming 60 game season with dubbed in live crowd noise from the video game, ‘MLB: The Show’. In our current COVID-19 circumstances, this is another weird way that sports and entertainment are trying to replicate the feeling of a gathered human experience like fans cheering on their home team.

ESPN is reporting that MLB officials hope that this audible add-on to televised games this year with little or no fans in attendance along with the standard stadium announcers, at-bat music, and more traditional elements we could take in when attending games in person.

So here is a question: What are the Cubs going to do with the ceremonial ‘7th Inning Sttetch’? We will see come next week when the games start. Here are the best celebs including Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder to yell “1, 2, 3 strikes, you’re out at the old ball game!”.