Lori Lightfoot memes are going viral

When Mayor Lori Lightfoot heard that a so called “radio host” that goes by the name of Brian Haddad was going around the beaches of Chicago causing a ruckus during a time that everyone should be staying home she went absolutely berserk and closed them all down.

Ok, maybe it was for different reasons, but there is no definite answer there.

Either way, once she made the announcement people were fast to meme the everliving daylight out of the Mayor, and it is wonderful.

Man y’all made us lose our lakefront privileges. Got da Lightfoot OUT HERE out here enforcing😂😂

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Posted by Danny Martinez on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Yes Mayor Lightfoot has seen the memes, and she got a good chuckle out of them as well. What a good sport she is!

Thank you Lori Lightfoot for bringing us some happiness during these crappy times.