These five things from the 1990’s are TOTALLY still available today.

It’s always fun to listen to the retro alternative from the 1990s on Alt_Backspace every weekend….but how committed are you to keeping this fine decade alive?  Would you consider spending your hard earned time and/or cash on things that have survived the test of time (sorta)?  From the looks of it, the people behind these products are hoping you still might.  Here are five things from the nineties that are still hanging around today:

Get beeped with your very own pager.
A company that has been in business since 1988 is still doing their thing — one-way numeric and alpha-numeric pagers.  In fact, you can get a free pager just for signing up for prepaid service.  And according to the coverage map, the city of Chicago is COVERED.  All you need now is to find a pay phone.

Load up the Hampster Dance on your computer.
Granted, the original GeoCities website it once resided at is LONNNG gone, as they shut down more than a decade ago.  But the original animation and something close to the original song is still live.  And now they have merch.

Add a “Bop It!” to your toy collection.
Bop it!  Twist it!  Pull it!  Or in this case, buy it! — the mashup between the games Simon and Whack-A-Mole, that is.  A modern looking version is for sale right now through Amazon (free one-day shipping with Prime!).

Give your hip adductors a squeeze with the Thighmaster.
The TV commercials brought Suzanne Somers into your home, doing things with her legs that were….athletic. The Thighmaster is still a part of her website (now available in the “Gold” model!)

Go watch the Hanson brothers in concert.

At the height of “MMMBop,” the governor of Oklahoma declared May 6th “Hanson Day” in the city of Tulsa.  That tradition lives on….in fact, it is listed as a three-day event this year.  Tickets are available through the band’s website.

[📷 : Image by lauris from Pixabay]