Video: How ‘Bleed American’ saved Jimmy Eat World

Trash Theory has produced some great videos digging into the greater impact made by accomplished alternative band, and the YouTube channel’s latest release digs into their defining album, 2001’s ‘Bleed American’ made the band so successful. Jimmy Adkins and company carved their own piece of the world with an emotionally endearing vibe driven by undeniable hooks, jumping guitar lines, and a touching approach to the anxiety of not knowing what’s next in your life.

The process of writing the album is worthy of it’s own movie, and during our session with the band they explained why.

The band is still making great music like their new adventurous album ‘Surviving’ featuring the new song ‘555’. Yes, this video is odd and weird but Jim Adkins directed it so chill. Scroll down to enjoy our exclusive Lounge session with Jimmy Eat World as well.