Fortnite as a game — has ceased to exist.

Today’s Fortnite live event was titled “The End” — and boy, did it ever live up its name.  A video game played by some 250 million people just disappeared into a black hole.

Paul Tassi from Forbes does a good rundown of today’s chain-of-events, which essentially left the game unplayable.  No maps, no nothing — all gone.  The speculation on this whole thing is that it’s a entertaining stunt to allow Epic Games to take down the servers and roll out a upgraded version of Fortnite.  Or is this just an epic way of putting the cap on an amazingly popular game?

In the meantime, here is the stream.  Or….you can watch Brendon Urie watch Marshmello perform inside Fortnite.  Dealer’s choice.  — [eric]

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