Can people really be this dumb? Corrupt crew busts themselves thanks to disposable camera

It’s not good to steal anything, ever. Last month in Oregon, a group of thieves hijacked a ’95 Jeep and took it for a joyride. The bandits ditched the ride shortly thereafter, but not before capturing the moment with “gram-worthy” selfies on a disposable camera that was found in the glove box.

The cops found the abandoned Jeep about a week after it was taken and when it was returned to the owner he took the aforementioned camera in to be developed. He found selfies from the thieves in his new stack of photos. Unfortunately, there’s no way to block accounts from using your disposable camera.

The owner decided not to turn the thieves into the police despite multiple neighbors recognizing them. With the Jeep joyriders on the loose, Oregon remains odd for at least one more day.