Disney will offer a cheap bundle for Hulu, ESPN, & Disney+

As the video streaming wars rage on, Disney has dropped bombshell of binge for the constant consuming masses: $12.99 bundle of monthly streaming with ESPN, Hulu, and the upcoming Disney+. The deal will be available starting November 12th. So you can save some dough and lose all your free time.

Disney+ has already announced huge new series from their massive library like Star Wars, Marvel, 21st Century Fox, and more. On top of all the new content, you will have instant access to their beloved animated classics and those odd mixed-bag of live action remakes. It’s primed to compete directly with the other big video subscription service, Netflix. Disney+ by itself will run you $6.99 a month.

Expect to see DIsney roll out a massive marketing campaign for the launch of Disney+ this fall.