The bet payoff: Ali sniffs a listener’s shoe

Here’s an understanding of why Ali had to smell our listener Luis’ shoe.

Brian is a Cubs fan, Justin is a White Sox fan, and Ali is a bit of both. So they decided to make bets for the Crosstown Classic series!
If the Cubs would have won both games Justin would have had to kiss a stranger, and if the White Sox won Brian would have had to lick the men’s bathroom handle, but that wasn’t the case. The Sox won the first game and the Cubs won the second, so that meant Ali had to sniff a strangers shoe.

You can see the glorious shoe sniffing happen during our Facebook Live. She didn’t just smell it once either…

Luis came all the way in from O’hare in morning traffic just so Ali can sniff his shoe, we thank him for being a key part it helping make this bet happen!