That Afroman song is the “Macarena” of 4/20 music (and other thoughts)

Afroman’s “Because I Got High” is the worst and no one should listen to that today.  More on soon, but first:

This is clearly not the “be-all & end-all” lists of songs for today’s unofficial holiday (and for more, see links at the conclusion).  But I thought I would take a moment to rate and provide commentary on some of the more common 4/20 songs you would find on the playlist of an alternative rock enthusiast.  The music is rated on a scale of 1-5…clouds.  And find links to the YouTube videos by hovering over the song title.  And now, without further delay:

Sublime“Smoke Two Joints”

  • You could pretty much place the entire Sublime catalog on shuffle and you’d have your playlist for the day, if we’re being honest.  Clearly on the Mount Rushmore of pot songs (along with Bob, Willie, and Snoop),  “Smoke Two Joints” will not win points for originality — but certainly will get some slow, steady head nods of approval for the bong sound effects to lead off the song. (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨💨💨)

Peter Tosh“Legalize It”

Arctic Monkeys“Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?”

  • A smoking song with a moral.  Because no matter the substance that gave you the courage to fire off the invite, we should all learn that the “booty call” may work a few times, but is not an effective long-term strategy for shaboinking. (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨💨💨)

Hinder“Get Stoned”

  • Dear fellows from Hinder:  if your ultimate goal is to “go home and get stoned,” it hardly seems in fitting with the aggro tone you’ve chosen as a vehicle for your message.  thank u, next (SMOKE RATING:💨)

Fun Lovin’ Criminals“Scooby Snacks”

  • Cool vibe.  Excellent (but illegal) use of Tarantino movie clips.  Would consider recommending to a friend. (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨)

Sir Sly – “High”

  • Sorry, Karen.  When little Johnny takes “another breath and (he’s) up another level,” it’s not referring to his prowess at video games. (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨💨)

The Verve“The Drugs Don’t Work”

  • If you are trying to set a lighthearted party mood, do not put this song on your playlist.  It’s a beautifully somber song about the loved ones we’ve lost along the way.  Stone sober, soberly stoned — either way, you’ve been warned about it’s emotional content. (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨💨)

Amy Winehouse“Addicted”

  • Moral of the story:  don’t be a mooch.  Someone smokes you out, you do the same in return next time around.  Learn the code. (SMOKE RATING:💨💨)

Cypress Hill“Hits From The Bong”

  • This is the equivalent of carrots and celery in a soup.  Sort of a given on any 4/20 playlist, but no connoisseur gets terribly excited its presence. (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨)

Tove Lo“Habits (Stay High)”

  • A reminder that lighting up isn’t always about good times and celebrations.  Sometimes you just need to dull the brain while you process s#$t.  (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨💨)

Oasis“Champagne Supernova”

  • A smoking song disguised by a a bubbly, headache-inducing alcohol in the title?  Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky…  (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨💨💨)

Queens Of The Stone Age“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer”

  • Some may consider the five words in this song the ingredients for a good night.  Others, the chemical formula for a mess.  To each their own.  (SMOKE RATING:💨💨💨)

Afroman“Because I Got High”

  • Should exist on your playlist for profiling purposes only.  This is the “Macarena” of pot songs. Anyone who gets excited about hearing this is not worthy of being in your “puff and pass” circle of friendship. It had its time and place….and time is thankfully over. (SMOKE RATING: -1000)

Here’s a few more playlists to….spark your interest.  And enjoy your day, pot enthusiasts.   — [eric]

[📷 : Pexels]