April Fools Day pranks from Tinder, Tom Brady, Starbucks, and more.

Monday we all fell victims to brands pranking us with April Fools jokes, like the McPickle. But as the day goes on more brands posted on social media various ‘releases’ that we should have known weren’t true.

Here’s a few of those:

  • Our own Cubs pranked us with a cologne ad.

You know some Chicago Cubs fan would have seriously bought this.

  • Do you know how Tinder tweeted out a few days ago that they were going to have height verification?

Well, it turns out that it was just an early April Fools Day prank. Does this make them prank winners for getting everyone to believing this prank for a few days?

  • The US Open got us by saying how they’ll be adding puppies to the ballperson team.

But common, you know that would have been super cute and make you never want to miss a game.

  • Adding into the dog theme, Starbucks announced a new store concept.

A Starbucks exclusively for dogs? Seems very extra.

  • Tom Brady got in on the action by joining his former teammate Gronk in retirement.

Some people responded on how they were upset or how the coach could convince him to not retire. But most people understood that Brady’s post was a complete prank.

  •  McDonald’s pranked us, AGAIN, when they released shake dipping sauces.

Shakes are for drinking, not for dipping. Unless it’s fries and a McFlurry but that’s the only exception.

  • You grew up with Mr Potato head, but sadly he was fired yesterday and replaced with Mr Avo Head.

It seems like hipsters ruin everything, also can we please focus on how he is eating his own kind.. Why replace Mr Potato head with a cannibal?

  • Then to add to the outrageous ways of revealing a baby’s gender, FarmRich released gender reveal Mozzarella sticks.

Gender reveals have gone too far already, it’s better we don’t add in cheese sticks.

We know these are just some of the pranks that were pulled, but would you have wished any of these were honestly true?