A neighbors complaint means a naked mannequin display 

A Santa Rosa man displayed naked mannequins after a neighbor complained about his high fence.

Jason Windus received a letter from the city telling him his fence violated the local ordinance that fences can only be the maximum of 36 inches. This was after the neighbor complained to the city saying it was causing a blind spot for drivers at a nearby intersection.

Jason says he was just trying to keep his dog in the yard.

The city of Santa Rosa then sent him a zoning violation notice. So he and a friend sawed the top of the fence down to 36 inches.
Jason told ABC7, “They wanted me to tear down my fence to see inside my yard, and now they get to.”

He only had the fence for 6 months and he spent $9,000 to have it built, but if he hadn’t taken it down he would have been fined every day till he did.
So now his neighbor gets to see him party! Which he made sure to cover the mannequins up to display them appropriately too.