Solomoon:  A new honeymoon trend

Typically after a wedding, couples go on a honeymoon. But a new trend has newlyweds spending their honeymoons away from each other.

So instead of spending a honeymoon with your new husband or wife, you take a vacation alone or with friends after the wedding. Couples who solomoon site the importance of independence, varying work schedules and being in a long-term relationship before tying the knot.

The New York Times interviewed a couple, Irene O’Brien and Mel Maclaine, to get a better understanding of solomoon’s as they partook in one.

But some people took to Twitter to question if theirs a deeper meaning on why people are doing this.

Look all I have to say is it’s your relationship, some don’t even take honeymoons!

Then again, why would you want to take a trip alone after your wedding?