NBC Sports Chicago should not post memes

So HBO released their final trailer for Game of Thrones this week, and of course, the trailer has inspired dozens of memes.
Take for instance this one of Jon Snow and Daenerys being greeted by dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal.


The Bears Talk Twitter account, which represents Chicago NBC Sports, tried to get in on the fun but they didn’t get the meme right.
Now to some people on Twitter who don’t keep up with Game of Thrones might see it as a decent effort, most thought they missed the bill.

You’ve got two dragons, one being presented as Khalil Mack and the other as Akiem Hicks, staring down two puny humans presented as Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins.

But GOT fans were quick to point out how the symbolism NBC was trying to convey falls apart because the characters are Daenerys Targaryen, “The Mother of Dragons” and Jon Snow, her nephew. Basically, they were saying that Aaron Rodgers and Kirk Cousins control Mack and Hicks. Don’t think that’s what they were meaning to say.

Of course, Twitter users were out to roast them for their mistake.

Then they tried tweeting this out…

I don’t think that even helped them.

This is why you should know the story behind the meme before posting it. #TheMoreYouKnow