Bud Light gets an earful after corn syrup commercial

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, Bud Light released a few new commercials.

One showcased a collide with the HBO show Game of Thrones:

Many people loved the cross over between the popular show and beer. But their second commercial made sure to let you know they didn’t use corn syrup in their beer:

Which, I guess, is good to know? The commercial is a bit confusing because it’s hard to understand what they wanted people to take away from it.

Plus they seemed to say Miller Lite and Coors Light multiple times, which got some people to just focus on the competitors.

They weren’t the only one to take a jab at their competitors, Miller Light also took a hit at Bud Light.

But the most interesting reaction came from the National Corn Growers Association, whose mission is to “create and increase opportunities for corn growers.”

Which is understandable if they are supposed to help increase opportunities for corn growers, and the Bud Light commercial shows how they really aren’t helping corn growers.
That one tweet didn’t even show the full extent of how upset they were, as they proceded with one more tweet to call out Bud Light.

Safe to say the NCGA isn’t too happy with Bud Light.