Sex article mistakenly posted on Portillo’s Facebook page.. oops.

Portillo’s fans got a surprise on social media Friday morning when the popular hot dog chain appeared to have mistakenly posted a suggestive article titled, “10 Things Women Love In Bed But Are Too Afraid To Ask For” on its Facebook page.

The post was only up for about 10-15 minutes before being deleted. But followers were quick to comment on the social media post.

“Interesting post for my favorite hot dog joint,” wrote one fan. “I have a feeling someone may be out of a job after this one.”

“I know Portillo’s is the place for wieners and steamy buns, but this is a whole other level,” another person wrote.

Block Club Chicago reached out to Portillo’s spokeswoman, Ana Espinoza, to ask about the situation.

Espinoza said the post did not come from anyone within the company.

“We are aware of a problem Facebook is having with their business accounts that is affecting our page at this time. We are diligently working with Facebook to temporarily disable our page and immediately resolve this issue.”

The post may have had a brief appearance, but Portillo’s fans took it upon themselves to offer their own suggestions on what should be on the links list.

“Cheese fries should have been on the list,” said one commenter.

Whatever happened it made for a good laugh.