Forget nature narrations. Watch Snoop Dogg call a live NHL game.

We’ve all seen Snoop Dogg narrating nature shows.  A close second might just be his commentary on hockey, as he dropped in with the regular NHL TV crew on Saturday night for the Los Angeles Kings game.  No surprise — he’s been a fan of the sport for a while and even dropped in on All-Star Weekend last year.  Here’s some highlights:

1:10 – Snoop has rings.  And admits he’s had a few sips out of Lord Stanley’s cup.

1:31 – There’s only one thing holding him back from playing hockey — and it’s kinda of a basic need.


2:03 – Calling for the scrap — like any other old time hockey fan.  “To the center of the rink,” I believe was Snoop’s request.

2:39 –  Snoop has a great strategy for the power play — “SHOOT!”

I’m telling you, if he could guest every once in a while for a period on national telecasts?  Ratings gold.  I mean, I would watch.  So in the immortal words of Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. himself –  GET CRACKING, NHL!  — [eric]