DA BEARS!: Watch the hilarious history of SNL’s ‘Superfans’

In the 1991 season, the Bears had a strong 11-5 record with Mike Topmczak filling in for Jim Harbaugh in the quarterback position while the team headed into the playoffs. Chicago-based actor Joe Mantegna and the SNL cast struck the perfect timing in January of that year with “Bill Swerski’s Superfans’. The sketch spoofed working class blowhard fans on local sports radio spouting off irrational observations and blind devotion to all things Ditka while also roasting our local indulgence in cured meats.

It was an instant hit and produced a series of sketches featuring ‘Cheers’ star George Wendt (who was never an SNL cast member) running a panel of oafish but lovable fans who oozed love for ‘DA BEARS’. It’s one of the most well-known pieces of comedy to satirize our city. It showed the unfiltered ChiKAAAAgo accent to the world. When I have traveled to other parts of the country doing comedy shows, people would ask me if anyone here actually talks like that. It made a lasting impression that goes much farther than Cook County. Below are some of best ‘Superfan’ sketches that featured some of SNL’s best all-time performers in Mike Meyers and Chris Farley.

It’s worth noting that comedy writer Robert Smigel was the real creative force and regularly appeared in the sketches himself. Here is a look at their 2010 reunion at the Just For Laughs Festival where they reveal a bit about the never-made Superfan movie.

In 1993, oh excuse me…199tree, the guys bemoaned Coach Ditka leaving Chicago.

Bill Swerski’s Super Fans Cold Open
This was one of the best. Michael Jordan joining the Superfans to celebrate DA BULLS most recent NBA Championship.

Bill Swerski’s Super Fans
Here the fellas give New York Knicks fans tips on how to deal with their upcoming defeat at the hands of DA BULLS.

In this gem, Swerski and the guys get ridiculous when they claim what the Monsters of the Midway would do if they all raced the Indy 500.

They even got to be in local TV commercials for Bulls tickets in the early 90s as well.