Muse, Imagine Dragons head new albums dropped today.

Here’s what the music world is saying about two of the biggest new albums to be released today:

Imagine Dragons – Origins

Maeve McDermott, USA Today:  “I hated Imagine Dragons — until their new album changed my mind. It happened slowly, Imagine Dragons’ transition from “the annoying band in all the movie trailers” to “the slightly-less-annoying band whose song I won’t change on the radio” to “the band whose album I may listen to, voluntarily.”

Glenn Gamboa, Newsday:  “The more singer Dan Reynolds and friends do it, the better they get.  That part is clear on ‘Natural’ — the album’s first single, which has already topped the rock charts for three months — as Reynolds shows new dynamics to his voice, rather than simply the intensity that has pushed the Las Vegas band up the charts.”

Alexis Petridis, The Guardian:  “If they really are troubled by their success or how they’re perceived, their dark night of the soul looks set to continue apace: cliches, cod profundities and all, Origins sounds like another vast hit.

Muse – Simulation Theory

Chad Childers, Loudwire:  “It feels like a bit of a musical playground at times, with bluesy slide guitars, scratching, church organs, pianos, robotic vocals and more joining the kitchen sink in the mix, but the guitars, synths and drums still power most of what the band does and does well.”

Andrew Trendell, NME:  “With space-age rockabilly and EDM machine gun beats, this bizarre new album sees Muse retreat from the real world and into a ‘Tron’-style pastiche of their own adolescence. You’ll be ashamed to tell anyone how much you love it.”

Mark Beaumont, Louder:  “And Muse twist the idea to create their own Sgt Pepper ‘character’ album. A virtual band-within-a-band, they’re 21st-century rockers transforming themselves into an 80s synth-rock simulation.”

PLUS:  you could check out the 10th anniversary special release from Fleet Foxes, a live album from Midnight Oil….or you could get new music from Jeff Goldblum.  Yeah, THAT Jeff Goldblum.  — [eric]

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