Kick it old school with this dope WinAmp throwback.

Remember when MP3s hit your life?  Maybe you were the one setting up a dorm file share in college — or DUDE, maybe you got a Dell to house all that sweet music you were ripping from Napster or Limewire direct to your bedroom at home.  Either way, you can relive the glory days with this true-to-life WinAmp, the granddaddy of all music players.

WebAmp!  It runs right in a web browser!  You can drag or open any MP3 music file you have on your computer!  You can even drag skins on to the player, if you still have those laying around!  Because — who wouldn’t?!?

For those who are REALLY young — this is the biggest retro hotness to hit since cassettes.  Get in on the ground floor of the next fad.  We Gucci?  — [eric]