A Women Conned Dozens Of Men Into A ‘Tinder Trap’ Dating Game

This story was broke this week by Vice and New York Magazine in New York where a woman named Natasha Aponte messaged many men on the dating app Tinder to go on a date. They all showed up to a DJ set in a square in downtown NYC, and it turned into a dating game show where she judged them. Yes, this is real. They all got duped into this and a ‘viral video agency’ was behind the whole elabroate scam/game where she litterally swiped on people in real life, made them do push-ups, and basically treated real people like less-than human that we apparently all do on dating apps.

Before the ‘competition’ began, Aponte eliminated several men saying ‘no’ to the following traits:

  • beer bellies
  • long beards
  • men shorter than 5’10
  • if you were dumped by your partner in your most recent relationship
  • political affliations

The experiment is interesting but quite deceptive and manipulative no matter how you spin, but maybe that’s the point? Here is the ‘Timder Trap’ video the team behind the whole project posted to Youtube by producer Rob Bliss. 

It must have aggravated some people since the comments on the video have been disabled.