The (unintentionally hilarious) making of Panic! At The Disco’s “Saturday Night” music video.

Music videos — the final, infinitely entertaining versions — don’t just happen by accident.  Duh.

They are the product of a number of talented minds .  From brainstorming a concept, developing a story line, coordinating choreography, and editing that all down into something amazing is a process that we often don’t get to see.

Until this.  This is what is known as a “PreVis.”  The director of Panic! At The Disco’s Say Amen “Saturday Night” literally shot a rough walk-through of the music video on their iPhones to see how it would look on screen.  It looks like something that you and your friends would mess around with.  It made me laugh that they used plastic forks to stand in for knives — and a stuffed animal for the “hot girl.”  Check it out.  Compare and contrast both versions below.  (Thanks, AltPress)  — [eric]