Old School: Atari Gives First Look At Their “VCS” Console

Late last year, Atari announced they would indeed be returning to the industry they absolutely dominated in the 1980s.  And now, thanks to an appearance at a conference in San Francisco, we know a little more:

  • Originally dubbed the AtariBox, it will now be known as the Atari VCS.
  • The unit will retail for about $300.
  • It will be able to play classic titles as well as new content.
  • Pre-orders will start in April 2018.

Here’s what we DON’T know — what new games you will able to play, because as of now, no game developers have signed on.  But not sure if that’s important for its survival, because the ability to revive titles like Pitfall!, Berzerk, River Raid, or Space Invaders might be enough for gamers to make room for this console in their collection.

You can check out this write up from Engadget, which gives us a few more photos and details.  — [eric]