Original members of Smashing Pumpkins are hanging out again

Billy Corgan getting the original Smashing Pumpkins back together has been in the works for what feels like years now. Drummer Jimmy Chamberlin rejoined Corgan a few years back for a successful tour with Marilyn Manson, and over the last year guitarist James Iha also joined Corgan on stage for sporadic gigs in 2016. (We hope you knew they were a Chicago band, we really hope you knew that.) So when Corgan posted this pic on Instagram of Chamberlin and Iha with him in a recording stuido, it once again sparked the flames of Pumpkin fandom.

The missing piece would be bassist D’arcy Wretzky whose been absent from the public eye for some time, apparently has started playing music and based on this 2016 interview is intrigued at a Smashing Pumpkins reunion. Corgan himself has been publicly open to the idea for some time now, but time will tell what becomes of this band that grew to become a worldwide sensation.

Meanwhile Corgan has been busy with other ventures including producing IMPACT Wrestling on Pop TV, only to get into a nasty legal battle with the company before purchasing the National Wrestling Association. Corgan, an avid pro wrestling fanatic is developing some pro wrestling content with the NWA, the oldest wrestling promotion in the world. Add on top of it, Corgan opened a comfy little tea shop, Madame Zuzu’s in Highland Park, IL. He even did a special Christmas song on WGN TV back in Decemeber, watch that here.