Remember all the excitement building up to Christmas as a kid? Part of the hype came from cartoons simply adding the over-the-top sizzle on the candy cane train. And cartoons had a different special air to them back in the day when we caught them on  Saturday mornings. Check out Christmas Flashbacks this week on 101WKQX.

Still some of those ‘toons in retrospect don’t age as well insert this ridiculous episode of the 80’s action adaption of RAMBO. Yes, Sylvester Stallone’s unhinged war hero who blew up almost everything in the R-rated ass-kicking films like ‘First Blood’ and ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II’ for some reason got a kids animated show with a ‘Force of Freedom’ tWayline. Just imagine John Whick getting a cartoon now where he’s snapping  people’s arms like twigs that has commercials for Hacthimals? Yes, it was like that.

So who better than to save a ‘Santa Claus’ from an international terrorist organization that just has to have an aggressive abbreviation S.A.V.A.G.E? Get on the phone and get me RAMBO! Yes, it may be snowy outside but these orphans need Christmas and it’s going to take Rambo jumping on planes, snowmobile chases, and several moments with a knife that make you say ‘really?’

Rambo is just there at the start of the episode for no apparent reason, and the ‘Santa’ here is a former rocket scientist who no longer wants to make weapons but rather toys so why not dress up like Santa and giving the kiddies toys at Christmas. Also be aware when Rambo takes off his shirt to show off his chizzled pecs that’s when it gets even crazier. Check it out above. 

Youtube dude Skunkape digs into the episode and breaks it down.