Billy Corgan covers a Frank Sinatra Christmas Classic on WGN TV

Smashing Pumpkin’s leader and Chicago treasure Billy Corgan was on ‘WGN Morning News’ today to talk about his new solo album ‘Ogilala’, the birth of his son, and perform some acoustic tunes.

‘Tis the season so Corgan performed the holiday deep cut “Christmas Dreaming’ from Frank Sinatra with WGN’s Jenniger Wiegel. It’s not as popular as other Christmas like ‘Winter Wonderland’ but the song has a soft demure feel that lends itself to the introspection we get from Corgan in his solo music and the Pumpkins. Truly a genuine tune.

If that was not enough Corgan, he appeared on NBC’s ‘Last Call with Billy Corgan’ to talk about his new expanded family may form a band, how his music has evolved, growing up in a counter culture home, and singing how “he sings in real life.”  He also opens up about owning the oldest pro wrestling promotion, the NWA.

Here is Billy on Brian and Lou in 2014.