Smash Mouth Not A Fan Of Jon Sudano


Steve Harwell sat down for an interview regarding their 20th anniversary as a band, and they were asked about Jon and his viral covers.
STEREOGUM: So how sick are you of All Star” and all the memes? Do you get tired of it?
HARWELL: You know, I try not to pay attention to social media very much. I try not to personally read and look at all that shit. But I think it’s cool that All Star” has made such a resurgence we do have a team of people that are working that stuff regularly, helping work our social media. And all of us are personally involved in the things we tweet out and post. But in terms of all the memes and blogs, I don’t look at that stuff much.
STEREOGUM: Was there one that you particularly disliked?
HARWELL: You know, that big guy, I can’t remember his name. [Jon Sudano ed.] I don’t like his. (MORE HERE)
I get it. Nobody wants to feel like what they do creatively is a joke, but I think this kid has promoted this song so much you kinda gotta see the humor in it right? Even if it was extremely mean spirited (which it absolutely is not) you should find a way to laugh at yourself and that something you created has had a resurgence. I guess not everyone thinks that way.