Lorde reveals secret Instagram Onion Ring love affair

New Zealand’s musical delight Lorde revealed on ‘The Tonight Show’ that she is the one behind the popular Instagram account ‘Onion Rings Worldwide’. She may sing about love lost and gained with relationship partners, but her one true love may be breaded fried onions and I can’t blame her, they are delish. The popular IG account anonymously saw Lorde documenting the different onion rings the world has to offer as she toured, performing off the success of her debut album. Some internet detectives did some digging and speculated that Lorde is the greasy fingers behind ‘Onion Rings Worldwide’. Her reasoning in this interview for why she kept her onion-tinged internet alter-ego a secret, is pretty entertaining as well.

In this same interview segment with the “dirty beard” Jimmy Fallon how she moved back to her home country, eating at diners, and her new album ‘Melodrama’ which is out now. While on ‘Tonight Show’ she also performed her new single ‘Perfect Places’.