Bleachers NEW ALBUM Preview: ‘Gone Now’ out June 2nd, hear a new track here


Bleachers are set to to slay it at PIQNIQ on May 20th at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, and they will have new music to play. Jack Antonoff has been busy slaving over a new Bleachers album called ‘Gone Now’ due out June 2nd.Antonoff previewed it on social media yesterday with a track listing and artwork.. The album will feature cameos from Lorde and Depeche Mode keyboardist Vince Clarke.

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Speaking with Rolling Stone, Antonoff said Gone Now‘s lyrics cover his memories of the 9/11 attacks and the death of his sister from cancer. “That loss is a filter that goes through your whole life,” he said. “It’s not about not moving on. It changes you. It changes your relationships, it changes how you see yourself, the way you see your work. I really wanted to be in all that as I made this album.”

Gone Now Track List

1. “Dream of Mickey Mantle”
2. “Goodmorning”
3. “Hate That You Know Me”
4. “Don’t Take the Money”
5. “All My Heroes”
6. “Everybody Lost Somebody”
7. “Let’s Get Married”
8. “Goodbye”
9. “I Miss Those Days”
10. “Nothing is U”
11. “I’m Ready to Move on/ Mickey Mantle Reprise”
12. “Foreign Girls”

Check out the latest track released from Bleachers here