Tom DeLonge’s Alien Studies are on The Washington Post’s Radar

Blink-182 will be at Lollapalooza.  Founding member Tom DeLonge…will not.  He’s off studying aliens, in case you hadn’t heard.

Not exactly the biggest breaking news story, as any rudimentary search of the Internet would have informed you.   Friday’s Washington Post article on DeLonge, however, brought his new passion to a mainstream audience.

Among the highlights:

  • DeLonge was featuring in the WikiLeaks e-mails because of his correspondence with Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.  Podesta has been a long-time advocate of declassifying anything the government had on aliens.
  • DeLonge claims he’s met with the Department of Defense regarding extraterrestrial life.  The DoD had no record of such a meeting, though did say he could have with two generals who retired in 2013 and 2014, respectively.
  • DeLonge seems to ascribe to a sort of “Independence Day” theory on aliens:  that if they were to make contact, it would not be good for the human race.

Tom has been studying this for 20 years and just released a book last month on the topic.  He’s very, very serious on the topic.  I guess the question is…how seriously will the world take HIM?  — [eric]