Question…How Do You Have Sex In Outer Space?

Let’s talk about sex (…baby).
To be more specific, we need to have a serious talk about sex in outer space.
Immediately, certain things — and images, perhaps — come to mind.  Coordinating spacesuit openings, for one.  And gravity?  How exactly does gravity play a part in afternoon delight?  If in a bent position, I could also imagine one could see more than just the fifty states from orbit.
But in all seriousness, this article from FiveThirtyEight is a must read — the lack of research into reproduction in space is a serious hurdle if we want to move elsewhere.  Say, Mars.  Or even the new TRAPPIST-1 system.  Two big areas that concern scientists are radiation — 99% of which is normally blocked by the Earth’s atmosphere — and what the lack of gravity does to the female reproductive system.
We don’t make it off the third rock from sun until we figure this out.  So it is my official political stance that humanity should be getting this…on.  Bow-chick-a-wow-wow.  Hubba hubba.  —@erickristensen