New Study Says Music Effects Brain Like Sex, Drugs

It turns out listening to music sets off chemicals in the brain that occur when people eat, do recreational drugs, or have sex.

The new study from McGill University “is the first demonstration that the brain’s own opioids are directly involved in musical pleasure.”  The people conducting it chemically blocked the brain’s pleasure receptors and found that even people’s favorite songs no longer gave them pleasure.

Seems pretty elementary, but to me this furthers the study of the brain’s complicated chemistry.  These pleasure centers can lead to addictive or destructive behavior.  To me, I read this and think:  music might be one of the many remedies that addicts can use to stay clean, for instance.  But that has yet to be seen.  At the very least, emotion, biology, and music are being tied together.  That’s very cool…

In the meantime:  Sex, drugs, and 101WKQX’s particular brand of rock n’ roll.  The saying makes sense after all.  SCIENCE!!! — [eric]