Hugh Jackman’s last ride as Wolverine ‘Logan’ is getting great reviews

Will the last Wolverine movie to feature Hugh Jackman playing the Marvel mutant deliver on the grave teases we have seen online? It looks like yes. Fans of the X-Men movies and comics have been salivating with the trailers and the R-rating news which promises the most violent and dark version of Weapon X that has ever been portrayed on the big screen. ‘Logan’ hits theaters on March 3rd. Don’t worry, no spoilers here! 

One of my favorite YouTube movie reviewers Christ Stuckman gave it a detailed and positive review after an early screening. Stuckman digs the Western vibe of this movie that plays up an old and broken Logan on his last hurrah with the always wonderful Patrick Stewart reprising the role of Professior X. He gives it an “A-“.

Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph could not hold back dirty words in her review of ‘Logan’ saying this the closest depiction of Wolverine in a movie to his original form in the comic books. She notes that with the fighting, emotional depth, and bleakness of the story are “perfect on every level.” Randolph also notes that this movie has a lot of good comparisons to the acclaimed action classic ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’. Plus she reveals we get the purely emotive music of American treasure Johnny Cash music in the credits!  All the feels come out, with claws and tears?!