THOR vs HULK is set for the upcoming ‘Ragnarok’ Marvel film

Two of the strongest Avengers will battle in gladiator combat in the upcoming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ movie coming this July, according to official confirmation from Marvel Studios that hit the web yesterday. The official synopsis for the movie sees Thor fighting his way back to his home world Asgard to save it from an evil force, but part of that journey will see the God of Thunder tangle with big green guy in mega-fight that plays off the acclaimed ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline from Marvel comics.  Screen Junkies breaks down all the details in this video that have come out already and how this film could set up the anticipated ‘Avengers: Infinity Wars’ films which are a few years away.

Who wins in  this battle? Who do you got? I feel Hulk could destroy him based on his immeasurable power being driven by his anger. Let me adjust my invisible glasses now like I know everything….