VIDEO: DisneyWorld turns Epcot into the Death Star



The Force in DisneyWorld is leaning towards the dark side recently, as Disney gave the internet all the nerd-feels over this recent wonderful stunt: turning the Spaceship Earth in EPCOT into the planet-destroying Death Star from ‘Star Wars’. The clip below of the Death Star involves a really elaborate projection on a massive scale with a huge lazer-blast from the structure that looks just like it did in the movie in a creepy yet astonishing way.

It kind of helps that Disney now owns the content of LucasFilm, which allows them to make over-the-top stuff like this in their theme parks. It’s also an easy way to excite fans for the upcoming ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ which hits theaters December 16th. Disney is also building towards even more with  the upcoming theme parks built around the classic stories and characters from that galaxy far, far away.

Disney fan Youtube channel Inside the Magic caught the action here.