YouTube Guy Sings Smash Mouth’s All Star To Any Song (UPDATE!)

Meet Jon Sudano.

Perhaps you made his acquaintance a few weeks ago when he became an overnight YouTube sensation with a very simple concept:  He’s decided to go ahead and sing the lyrics and melody to Smash Mouth’s All Star to….well, pretty much any song.

I first came across Jon and his sweet neck beard when he had a handful of covers.  Now he has even more.  A 101WKQX primer:

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge  (Smash Mouth Version)

Bastille – Pompeii  (Smash Mouth Version)

Radiohead – Creep  (Smash Mouth Version)


Linkin Park – In The End  (Smash Mouth Version)

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Smash Mouth Version)

I’m not sure what this means.  Is the banality of Smash Mouth so great that it can camouflage itself effortlessly within other musical works in a beautiful, haunting way?  Or it could it mean that the other songs…are….

NO!  After contemplating all angles, I’ve arrived at only one conclusion.  Smash Mouth sucks.  I know this because Jon has moved on to his next exposure…Nickelback:

Coldplay – Fix You (Nickelback Photograph Version)