Shazam: Always Listening On Your Mac


So, you have to toggle Shazam’s microphone on/off with either the iOS or Android versions of the app.  And it should default to off.

However, if you have the music identification service installed on your Mac computer…it is ALWAYS.  LISTENING.  Allow that to sink in.  That’s some Big Brother-type stuff.

Now, Shazam says they aren’t recording or listening in on you…but still.  Creepy, right?  I don’t know about you, but I checked all my microphone settings on all my phone apps just to be aware of who exactly can put their ear on what I do.  Not like its really interesting or anything.  What you do with the Mac version of the program is up to you.

Find out how a former NSA operative found out about this (from Consumerist).  And in the future, just text “SONGS” to 312101 if you want to know what we are playing.