This Can’t Be Good For Your Car!

If you’re from Chicago, you probably know how bad traffic can get around the city, and even the suburbs for that matter. We all know when you are stuck in traffic your road rage starts to build, which is not a good thing. One thing that can come from that road rage is when we see an opening in traffic, we push the pedal to the floor. Trust me, nothing feels better then speeding away from traffic, but imagine you are speeding away and then all of sudden a speed bump appears out of no where and wrecks your tires or suspension. Well that is exactly what is happening in Sweden!

Sweden has designed a new speed bump that appears when a speed radar senses the person coming up to it is above the speed limit. These speed bumps don’t move up, it moves down making your car seem like it hit a pothole, and we all know how much damage a potholes can do. Now if I was in Sweden and this happened to me a couple of times, I would without a doubt watch my speed no matter where I am. You can check out the video below of the new state of the art speed bump in action.

Would you like to see these make their way to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs?