AMERICA: Moon Race Champions FOREVER!


The 4th of July is a celebration of America as a country and our accomplishments as a free country but for me it’s not about looking up at the sky oooing and aaahing at fireworks, the ultimate awesome American accomplishment to this dreamer kid is the NASA Apollo 11 mission which put two of our own on the Moon. The United States of America were crowned Moon Race Champions FOREVER on July 20th 1969. It was a very turbulent time in our country;s history at least we had the overall communal expierence of watching two human beings conqueror the thing in our sky that has teased us since we crawled up from the primordial ooze of Earth. The Moon landing is one of the most amazing scientific endeavors in history.

NASA continues to push the boundaries of the beyond today with climax of a 6 year mission to the planet Jupiter as the Juno spacecraft prepares for a 53 days orbit of the ‘Gas Giant’..

Here is long form live coverage from CBS of the Moon landing as it happened. it’s moving to see the world as we know stand still and watch everyone, experience in real time. It doesn’t hurt that acclaimed TV news authority Walter Cronkite is hosting it all either.

This is a neat video which shows off the video game I have always wanted, the Apollo 11 VR. I wan this really bad, Santa if your reading this, Get me this.