SHARK WEEK 2016 Preview


Few animals get this much attention on TV, but the Shark does. It earned this spotlight with fear, respect, and power. So due to my irrational fear of a shark uprising from the seas, let’s look at Shark Week.

Shark Week starts on Monday June 27th on Discovery Channel with annual barrage of ocean-based carnivorous awesomeness and brutality. Heads up though expect to see a lot of obvious tie-ins to the upcoming shark-survival thriller film ‘The Shallows’ which does look like a smart idea for a scary movie.

Here are 3 shows to look for on the line up for this year’s Sharktacular programming.

Jaws of the Deep (Monday 6/27 8 pmThis special uses special underwater cameras and robots to shoot Sharks deep under water, ya know just hanging out and not crushing it’s prey with it’s bone-snapping knife-like teeth. Ya know, just chilliaxing.

Nuclear Sharks (Thursday 6/30 9 pmThis special hosted by the grandson of famed marine explorer Jacques Cousteau, Phillipe host this show looking into sharks who live in waters effected radiation. The sharks will hopefully not mutated from the radiation like the Incredible Hulk did in Marvel comics. What’s that phrase with the Hulk “You would’nt like me when I’m angry”? Well I am pretty sure you just would not like to deal with sharks when their happy, sad or angry.

Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off (Wednesday 6/29 9 pmThat’s right. Flipper vs. Jaws, it’s like Batman vs. Superman but their fish! Not exactly but it’s an interesting documentary about how these two popular animals interact.

Shark Bait (Friday 7/1 9 pmSharks hunting seals. Innocent seals you say? No one is innocent when they get in a Shark’s way.

Here is a complete guide from EW to all of the 17 new specials airing on Discovery for Shark Week 2016. And if you want to get crazy, here is the Shark Week drinking game. 

MORE SHARK SCARES….like a guy who thinks it’s smart TO PET A GREAT WHITE SHARK….NOPE….Photo proof 

Here is a clip from one this year’s Shark Week specials showing how these beautiful monster can respond to sound and vibration….