Damn, Daniel Craig! Looks like there will be a new James Bond

Daniel Craig is reportedly done being James Bond according to the Daily Mail, after turning down a major money offer from MGM. The English actor has played 007 since 2006, starring in 4 successful bond films including last year’s Spectre. The number Craig turned down was said to be in the neighborhood of $100 million for two more films as Bond with endorsement deals, an overall profit share, and producer role.

Craig was quite public about his disinterest about being film’s most famous secret agent on the press tour for Spectre when he told one interviewer than he would rather  “slash my wrists” than play the role again but would later back off that statement. Another reason he might turn down the role was that he was suffering a chronic knee injury which may have occurred during the filming of Spectre. 


As if this news was not enough to process, there is widespread rumors today that Tom Hiddlestone who played Loki in the Avengers and Thor for Marvel, could possibly be next man to be shaken (but not stirred) into the role of James Bond. Hiddlestone was reported to be meeting with Bond director Sam Mendes earlier this week, but his representatives shot down the rumors. UK betting outfit Bookmaker Coral suspended bets placed on Hiddlestone getting the role after a huge amount was rapidly placed on him gaining the role this past weekend.

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