Plants don’t want you to stop texting: A potted plant can charge your cellphone



Arkyne, an Italian green energy company is really emphasizing the ‘green’ with the reveal this week of a cell phone charger that is powered by a potted plant. There has been DIY versions of this floating around the web for years which utilizes multiple potatoes but this new device called Bioo Lite has a developed apparatus inside the base of a plant’s pot that has real potential.  Yes, if this tech can be fully realized maybe you can just plug battery-low phone into a tree at the park while you are out and about. Jokes aside, this is truly incredible. This does have some new challenges like if you forget to water your plants, does that mean you will not have any juice to power your phone or tablet? No matter what expect to see a lot of people with potted plants on the CTA in the near future. Watch this video for a full display of Bioo Lite in action.

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