Double Door, landlord heading to trial in eviction case



Double Door and its landlord are heading to trial next month if they can’t work out whether the rock club will continue to occupy its Wicker Park space. (READ MORE HERE)

Double Door is currently paying $11,000 more per month and the building owner wants $33,976 a month. Since 1994 Double Door has been hosting shows in the space.

I personally want the Double Door to remain, but I’m no business owner and  can only imagine the costs of maintaining one in Wicker Park. Owning a building there you can most likely ask whatever price you want for rent. That said, I would much rather see more businesses like Double Door and local artisan restaurants fill the streets.

I don’t think driving a longtime established business out in pursuit of a tenant willing and able to pay nearly $34k a month is the only answer. It sounds like it comes down to the relationship between Double Door management and the building owner(s). Maybe they just don’t get along. I’ve had a few landlords that were less than great. Like the one that hated animals and insisted I pay a $200 monthly pet fee (from $40) when I went to renew my lease. VERCOCULOUS!!

$11k seems like a very high rent already but considering the space and the prime location I guess it’s normal (???) Raising the lease so dramatically however seems as though the building owner would much rather just have any tenant than the current one and my guess is if Double Door doesn’t continue there a future tenant won’t have to pay such a high price.

I feel the Double Door is a venue that we all love and want to stay. It’s unique to our city and a place we’ve been able to see an amazing amount of great music over the years. I hope everything turns out ok when all is said and done.  – @marconibologna