WATCH: Jack Antonoff Show You How He Makes Bleachers Music

If you haven’t already listened to Bleachers new album Gone Now” go do that…You know, right after this or something. 
Jack was so cool and awesome at PIQNIQ. When I met him I was a mumbling throat clearing idiot trying to say hello. 
I don’t know why either. I think maybe it’s because I think so much of him, his music and how he creates said music. Also he’s so nice. He’s this normal guy who just happens to be an amazing artist. I have so much respect for him and what he does. 
I was really bummed that he couldn’t bring his replicated bedroom to PIQNIQ because I wanted to see where he’d written all of these amazing songs. So this video from an interview he did with Rolling Stone is pretty freakin’ cool. I hope if I ever get to meet Jack again I’ll be able to act professional and have an actual normal human exchange. Thanks for sharing this peek into your process Jack.