Star Wars R2D2 Humidifier



The Star Wars R2D2 Humidifier will be sure to please any Star Wars fan allowing them to keep it on display while benefiting from its usage. Simply fill with water and it’s strong humidifying power lasts for up to 24 hours. Perfect for kids who tend to get scared of traditional humidifiers used throughout the night. Features a 1 Gallon Tank that adds moisture to any room with ultrasonic cool mist and anti-microbial technology. Fights mold and mildew. Super quiet, your child will have no problem sleeping while this device is working. Other features include an On/Off dial and a Min/Max setting. (MORE HERE)

They keep mentioning “your child” is that so adults who really buy it for themselves don’t feel awkward telling people about it? Why should kids have all the fun?? I’m buying one of these… For my cat!!!