Netflix to update ’13 Reasons Why’ trigger warnings and add content advisory


The conversations about 13 Reasons Why and its suitability for young viewers and the television landscape at large continues, but Netflix will address at least one concern: Content warnings.The show, which dropped March 31, will now contain an overall warning advising viewer discretion for potentially troubling content. (MORE HERE)

Having had personal experience with losing friends to suicide I know all too well what it feels like. I think the creators did a great job with this show. It has opened conversation on the topic and started a dialogue between parents and their kids as well as among friends. There is definitely some content that was difficult to watch involving rape and other violence. Again it does serve a purpose and I feel the story connects in a way that brings to surface many issues faced by those coming up through high school and as adults too. The underlined theme is to be better to each other. We hear it all the time especially when there’s a tragic situation. I think this show gets the point across very well and actually leaves you with a bit of hope that things can get better. Watch it if you haven’t already.