PALOOZA Possibilities: 5 Big Bands who could play 2017 Chicago music fests

The last two days have been a filled with social media excitement and anticipation of the fun we can have in the summer months at the various live music festivals throughout the country, but what can we expect here in Chicago were some of the biggest fests go down? That is pretty obvious question so let’s look ahead and try to make some predictions and wishes for the festival season 2017.


The UK alternative vets have grown to become one of the biggest bands in the world, came through town at the United Center on their ‘Drones’ tour and due to return the big stages. One those tempting stages is one that they have taken before, Lollapalooza. This one seems like a sure bet as Matt Belamy himself tweeted about playing Lolla in Grant Park in November. After taking the epic magic of Muse, I can assure this band is a can-not-miss act.


The trio that made the successful transition into a new album with Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba joining them are due to swing back through town after a memorable show at the Hollywood Casino Amptheater. The pattern for a lot of bands doing the festival circuit is hit Europe first, Blink has announced numerous dates across the Atlantic but are wide open after two arena shows in London in July. This would leave them free to play Lolla or Riot Fest which they headlined in 2013.


Dave Grohl and his Foos are set to record new music in 2017, have committed to several European festivals, but only one North American show as the headliners of the Bottlerock fest in Napa Valley, California. Only one show in the States? Mmmm….. what’s to stop them from taking the sonic highway of of I-55 to Chicago? i mean they wrote a song about us, our town…here listen


This all-star collective lead by Blur’s Damon Alburn may be most known as a cartoon band driven by animated characters, but their live shows are something special and transcendent driven by UK band’s delightful mix of rap, rock, and pop. Gorillaz have taken the big stage with cameo collaborators on a big screen, string quartets, and surprising anything-can-happen feel. Take a peek at this G set from Glatonsbury in 2010. Plus the band has been teasing new music through artwork for months now, so it’s possible.


The Bay Area punk titans are already committed to playing Lollapalooza Brazil, so we know they will be active. They have brought their skank dancing vibes to Riot Fest, so why not kick up some mud with them again right? TIME BOMB!