Snaptchat Spectacles were on sale today in Orland Park


The Snapbot landed today in Orland Park at Dave & Buster’s, drawing a steady line of Snapchatters looking to get the sought-after ‘Spectacle’ glasses. The ‘Snapbot’ is a whimsical vending machine that resembles a Minion from ‘Despicable Me!” and sells the craved-after tech glasses for $129. It arrived today around 9am and was sold-out by 1pm. Considering this is only way to buy the glasses directly from Snapchat, some southsiders got away something that will make their Snaps must-see.

Snapchat made waves recently with the release of their Spectacles, glasses that snap short video for the popular social video app but the way they have chosen to release them has been even more interesting. Outside of buying resold online through EBay or other sites, this is the only way to get your paws on Spectacles. Read more here about the tech behind the glasses.