‘Super Mario Run’ is available now on iPhone: Is it good?

It’s a him, Mario ….on your iPhone! Nintendo released their first official mobile game exclusively today through Apple mobile devices, featuring the plumber like no other, Super Mario.The game is available now on iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Nintendo will have the game available on Android phones at some point in 2017.

‘Super Mario RUN!’ is a vertical runner game that for a one-time fee of $9.99 has a revamp of all the classic Mario feels of jumping on Koopas and more on your smartphone. The gameplay looks pretty neat, but reviews are not saying it’s the be-all-end-all mobile game some might have expected. The reliable geeks of the Verge have a full review here . They say ‘RUN’ is not just “another automatic runner with a Mushroom Kingdom-themed coat of paint. Part of that is the look — a 2.5D visual style pulled from New Super Mario Bros. — and characters, items, and locations plucked from the NES and SNES era. But just as familiar is the specific sense of movement, the cleverly designed levels, the overall playful nature.Super Mario Run is a small but promising start, which is to say Nintendo, for all its innovations and creativity on its own hardware, is following the mobile gaming playbook to a T.”

IGN plays through it all in this detailed review covering the game play, graphics, and how the game delivers on it’s potential.


The biggest hangup about ‘Super Mario Run’ seems to be that the game is only available when you have an internet connection. IGN News has the info here, wher they explain why this is happening. This may hurt those of you who are careful of their data consumption or those not consistently tethered to a WI-FI network.