Fence-jumping music festivals may have become a thing of the past


Jumping over a fence to sneak into a festival is pretty dumb. It does’nt support the bands performing or help the people who worked to put on the show for everyone involved. We have heard tall tales of people sneaking into Grant Park during Lollapalooza, but ‘fence-jumping’ a fest might have gotten much harder to pull off due to new technology being implemented by an Australian music festival.

The Event Agency, promoters behind the upcoming Arcadia Australia festival are using a special non-drying lubricant ink to fencing for the the concert which will make it harder to climb in without a ticket. The same ink will stain the clothing of fence-jumpers for up to three weeks, which makes it easy to identify them. The promoters said in an article with they want to make “an impenetrable barrier”,

So I guess these concert-going criminals will have to get crafty with a second set of clothing? No matter what you think, this new ink idea is quite clever and sounds effective.