Yes, he has appeared once again. The rare, elusive, and apparently hungry Pizza Squirrel has been spotted again! Reddit user NASA_Wifi posted this awesome pic of the fuzzy thick-thighed guy munching on an entire slice of pizza in a tree in the Whicker Park area. Note the slice is almost as a long as his body. Imagine eating anything let alone a pizza the length of your body?! Now the hard to answer question is what pizza place made this slice because I am pretty sure this endorsemnet from this critter could be a marketing home-run right?

Our local sauce-loving squirrels have been seen snacking like this before, as most recently as this past May in the Ukrainian Village area. The Pizza-eating squirrel is not a completely new trend, there is an entire Reddit dedicated to it .

A piece of viral internet gold like this will remind many of us of the Pizza Rat who made waves online in a video filmed in a New York City subway station. That video went viral in a massive way, but it’s worth noting that the rat left his slice and scurried off somewhere. Thus proving once and for all, that Chicago pizza is the superior pie in the never-ending Pizza Battle between Chicago and NYC that  has raged through the ages. It’s done, it’s science! @kevkellam